I am Nabyendu Biswas. Before coming to the Indus Institute, although I am fond of cooking,  I was not so confident as I am from Bengali medium background, introvert and  not mixing with other people at all.

As my elder brother is working in F&B Service in Chennai  he got to know about The Indus Institute and I was also interested in cooking course so then I got in touch  with Mr. Samarjit Chaudhuri of Kolkata office  referred by my brother. He  explained everything nicely about the course and about future in cruise lines  and so I joined the 18 months Diploma course in Chennai to make my dreams come true.

I was weak in English so if the course had a lot of  theory then I  may  not have continued but as there was much more practical training   that has helped me to learn the subject easily.  At every step the faculty have  helped me a lot to improve and even my batch mates too. Overall the ambience and the surroundings made me feel positive and helped me complete the course properly and finally I have done it!

As I was from Bengali medium background so initially I thought that I will not be able to cope up in English medium. But due to help of Communications classes in English and good batch mates, and that too  we were almost six candidates from Kolkata,  and most of all the Principal who helped us in every step to cope up there was very little  problems we have faced. I was very happy to mingle with all and always encouraged to speak in English so slowly I  started learning the language and communicating freely with my batch mates and faculty. I was very surprised and happy to receive the award because I never thought I can succeed like this!

As I got a good platform to make my dream come true through the Indus Institute, so I would like spread this  information and I would like to pass to others that  it is possible to  have brightness in their careers in future  like me.

INDUS’s comments:

Nabyendu Biswas was a popular choice for receiving the Capt. DC Mitter Merit (cash) Award which rewards consistency in effort over overall ranking, having achieved both during the Diploma course. When he joined the Indus Institute, he spoke little  English, but had enjoyed cooking at home so thought he might be suitable for a job as a domestic cook.  However, ambition and determination to do better in life brought him to Indus, and in just 18 months he had  not only mastered the basics of cooking Indian and Continental dishes, but had also developed good communication skills in English and honed his social skills.  Right through the course he consistently demonstrated a positive attitude,  willingness to  work hard, and a collaborative approach to learning, which earned him positive and encouraging feedback from his teachers and the hotel where he interned  and which resulted in his standing  among the top ranking students in his batch.