Lebanese Christmas Indus-Hospitality Careers & Training

The INDUS INSTITUTE celebrated Christmas with a Lebanese theme on 12th December 2014.  Lebanon is home to a population of 18 different sects with more than 30% Christian, and it’s a wonderful thing to see the Christmas spirit in Lebanon where it is one of the most celebrated festivals.

The chef trainers and all the culinary and patisserie students enthusiastically collaborated to prepare a wonderful feast, while the students from the other courses helped create the ambience  with a themed décor showcasing Lebanese culture and hospitable service.  Traditional Mijwiz and  Buzuq music playing in the background added to the festive atmosphere and mood.

To help us celebrate, we had invited Chefs and Training Managers from ITC Grand Chola, the Marriott, Asian Hotels, Tuscana, Aloft, French Loaf,  and faculties from several hotel management institutes.

The evening started with a traditional Lebanese dance and Christmas carols  sung by the students of our  F&B service course and our Diploma students of 2014-2015.  And then followed a delightful buffet spread which included authentic Lebanese festive  foods like


  • Chicken sausage, spinach and couscous rolls on sliced cucumber with hummus dip.
  • Lamb kibbeh with tzatziki
  • Cabbage dolmades topped with roast garlic, sundried tomato, feta cheese
  • Black mussels and stuffed squid on a bed of argula
  • Fatoush with tahini and pickled radish
  • Chermoula crusted roast leg of lamb
  • Yule log
  • Baklava
  • Kunafe

Some comments from our guests on their experience:

Great Show. The whole set up is nicely done. I wish the very best to the students as well as to the college team (Balagurunathan Venkatesan, Area Director, Asiana Hotels)

Nice event, well executed. Best of luck for the team. Cheers! (M.V. Harirajan, Head Chef Operations, Tuscana Resturants)

Good show! Food is excellent, especially desserts. Best wishes to the entire team (P. Boopesh, Corporate Chef, French Loaf)

Nice show by the students. Keep it up! Warm wishes (Ayyappan, H.R. Assistant, ITC Grand Chola)