Ravikumar is well qualified to lead the housekeeping programme at the Indus Institute, with a Masters degree in International Hotel Management from the University of Western Sydney, Australia, and 8 years of experience in housekeeping services and training.

“Why did I chose housekeeping? Because it is the most challenging department since it’s the one area that provides the maximum guest satisfaction. The guest experience is largely based on his requirement for high levels of comfort and cleanliness, and providing this is our responsibility. For me, being a Housekeeping Manager means enhancing the guest stay experience day in and day out , and that brings me tremendous job satisfaction.”

At the Indus Institute, Ravikumar took on the responsibility of starting the cabin stewarding course when it was still located in Bangalore. Having observed that women from the north-east hill states are well educated, articulate in English, confident and with strong work ethics, and often come from jobs that require a high degree of service orientation (such as call centres, retail sales, hostessing in restaurants etc), he has been focusing on recruiting such promising candidates for cabin stewarding jobs on cruise lines.

He says: “This job is a mixture of housekeeping and room service. Unlike in hotels, where housekeepers rarely interact with guests, on cruise ships it requires a high level of interaction, so its important to have both good housekeeping skills as well as an excellent attitude for service and attaining perfection. At Indus we select only those with the right background, personality and attitude, and then its easy for them to pick up the skills. All our students have got recruited by cruise lines either before or during their training with Indus. It really makes me happy seeing all our girls working for the world’s best cruise companies and earning big money and supporting their families… they make us proud!”

For Ravi, it has been an interesting and challenging journey at Indus, managing the Cabin Stewarding Programme in a multi tasking role which involves recruitment of candidates, training them at international standards, preparing them for interview and offering student services.

So at the end of a hard working day, how does he relax? His hobbies include watching movies (favorite actors are Will Smith and Jennifer Lopez) and hanging out in Café Coffee Day “as I am crazy about coffees, all the different varieties !” He is also interested in yoga and meditation “but the funniest part is that I fall asleep the moment I start meditating, so still have to learn how to do that!”