My Name is Jackson Inbam. I come from small village in Rameshwaram which is in Tamil Nadu.

I would like to tell my story which is very true. This was the biggest thing which changed my life.

I belong to poor family. My Dad is a fisherman and my mom is a housewife, I have two elder brothers and two elder sisters and I am the last member of family.

My dad is a struggling person as we all know that a fisherman doesn’t get paid much.

Anyhow I completed my 10th standard at the age of 17th years. As financial condition was not good I stopped my studies.

When I was 18 year old I started helping my father by going for fishing with him. For 2 years I was fishing with my dad. The work was very hard, tough and risky. I was not having any future in it. One day when I came back home from fishing and I saw that my brother’s friend Ajay had come and was telling about Indus Institute with some live examples which was really  very interesting and he asked me to take a step ahead.

Next day I didnt go for fishing. Whole day I was thinking about my future and what my Ajay told me. In the evening I spoke to my mom and dad about my life. I explained them that there is no future in fishing, I want to stand in a good position in my life.

Next day my dad suddenly said to me that, take your mom and visit Indus Institute and bring all the details. I was very happy and was eager to see the Indus Institute.

When I came to Indus Institute the first person I met Mis Lalithashri. She explained me each and every thing about the course . She suggested me to do the diploma in professional cookery, but as the amount was too high for me I told my problem to them and they asked me to pay in installment. It was the first helping hand from the Indus Institute and my tears rolled on my cheek. The tears of happiness.

Somehow  my parents managed to pay the first amount and my course started. I was not having any idea about professional cookery but my chef never left me behind, all my mates were very good but my chef and all the staff members were helping me to understand  things. There were many activities in which I also participated, and as the time passed there was an tremendous change in my life. I learned many different things after coming to Indus Institute.

I completed my diploma with distinction and not only that, because of my good performance Indus Institute have given me a prize amount of Rs 50,000 !

So that day I cried suddenly and my heart was filled with joy. For a minute, I was thinking about my past. The Indus Institute really changed my life. What I thought I achieved , it was not alone, it was Indus Institute who took a step with me towards my future.

INDUS’s comments:

Jacson Imbam is  a very deserving recipient of the Capt. DC Mitter Merit Award, which is a cash award for those who show the most progress during the Dimploma course, and which thus rewards effort over ranking. When Jackson arrived at Indus, he  spoke no English, having studied in aTamil medium school upto the 10th standard,  and had only worked as a fisherman in a small coastal village, with no prior education or training in  hospitality.  However, in just 18 months he has  not only mastered the basics of cooking Indian and Continental dishes, but he has also developed good communication skills in English.  Right through the course he has  consistently demonstrated a positive attitude and willingness to  work hard, which has resulted in  his standing  among the top ranking students in this batch.  The feedback from his teachers and the hotel where he interned have been very positive too.